Everything about This Excursion Was Superb

I have been fantasizing about diving with great white sharks for over ten years. This week I finally made it a reality. When you think about something for that long, it is hard to live up to the expectations in your head. The Guadalupe Island shark excursion not only lived up to my high expectations, but it was easily the best vacation I have ever taken. Originally this was going to be a trip to celebrate my 40th birthday, doing something just for ME! But the best surprise of all was how much my 11-year-old son loved it. If he could stay here forever, he would! 

I highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants some adventure, no matter how young or old. My son is already planning our next trip with Nautilus. Everything about this excursion was superb, from the divemasters to the boat staff – the thoughtful ways they made my son feel special to the grand adventure of seeing so many huge great white sharks. This trip is second to none.

  • Kristen Gunn, Texas onboard the Nautilus UnderSea

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