The Best Place in the World to Observe These Majestic Animals

A trip to Guadalupe Island is always a great experience and this one has so far been amazing.

From being surrounded by bioluminescence and bright lighted jellyfish when we arrived in the night to all the different great white sharks that have been circling around the cages for the past two days, this has been a fantastic reunion with the island for me.

As the sun rises above the Pacific Ocean, we hear the Guadalupe fur seals waking up and the tuna bait dropping in the clear blue water, that’s when we yell the first “shaaaaark!!” of the day. I remember how fortunate we are to have access to this sanctuary, the best place in the world to observe these majestic animals: the great white sharks!

  • Divemaster Yann onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

By Nautilus Crew

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