A Bucket List Trip to See These Incredible Animals

Here is a shout out to the best dive crew and boat that found the first white sharks of Guadalupe after the COVID-19 shutdown. If you are thinking of a bucket list trip to see these incredible animals I would recommend Nautilus without reservation. As a dive professional I can say the crew was incredible. They were welcoming and went out of their way to create a sense of community on the boat, always remaining positive that they would find that first shark of the season. They did that on the first day and kept it going with us seeing sharks on all three days in the cages. Come hungry seeing that when you are not diving you are probably eating as the food just never stopped coming. There was a great variety of food expertly prepared by the crew. The informational talks were a nice touch. Thanks to all who made this trip so memorable and worked hard to keep us safe and entertained!

  • Rich W onboard the Nautilus UnderSea

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