It Takes Your Breath Away

Two months ago I was invited to this trip to swim with the sharks, I never imagined what it was really going to be like. We arrived in Ensenada on a Thursday afternoon and we checked in at night. By then I still didn’t understand where we were going or what the trip was really about. Later, we were welcomed with champagne and with an introductory talk. 

The adventure began at 7:15 am, and we were ready to get into the cage. The divemasters were super patient to explain the whole process since there were many of us who were not certified. Being inside the cage is an experience that cannot be explained, having a shark less than 1 meter away is something that leaves you speechless, making the rocky 22-hour passage totally worth it.

It is an experience that not many know about, but when you live it, it is something incredible that you cannot express in words. They are incredible and huge animals and when you see them swimming less than 1 meter away from you it takes your breath away. It is definitely a unique experience and those of us who were on this ship felt very fortunate to be able to live it.

  • Bueno Family, Mexico onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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