The First Time I Ever Went Diving Was with Great White Sharks!

I love that our great white shark trips to Guadalupe Island can include non-divers that have never blown bubbles underwater before. This morning we briefed and demonstrated the necessary skills for our first timers to be comfortable and by this afternoon we could barely get them out of the cages for lunch. What an amazing thing to be able to tell friends and family, “the first time I ever went diving was with great white sharks!”

Day one of our trip started with sightings of at least four different big male great white sharks. The action was non-stop from the time the cages opened, until the sunset over the western side of the island. Guests sipped cocktails, while our resident shark expert Pascal gave another insightful, informative and always engaging talk about the local population and species in general. Still two more days to go and I can’t wait to get wet again. See you underwater soon!

  • Divemaster Rimas onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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