Like Something Out of a Movie

This trip was extraordinary. It’s one thing to see a single great white shark, but to see two, three, or even SIX at one time seems like something out of a movie. And yet it actually happened! Seriously, the ‘dullest’ moment during the trip was when we ‘only’ had a single white shark cruising around the cages. I took tons of pictures, but the experience of getting so close to such a large and beautiful creature is one I will never forget. I never would have been able to have such an experience, however, if it weren’t for the amazing Nautilus Explorer crew. Seriously, these guys work harder than any crew I’ve ever met, and I’ve been on a lot of boats, so that is saying a lot. Whether they’re on the deck or in the kitchen, they not only maintain an infectious, incessantly upbeat attitude, they are always there for you, ready to help you out with anything you need, from putting on gear to special diet requests to hot chocolate after every dive, they provide you with things before you even need to ask for them. They simply don’t stop working, and they’re so stoked! Their love of the ocean and its creatures is pure and inspiring.

Thanks, James, Casey, Gato, and Alicia for being fantastic dive masters, wranglers, and friends. Thank you Cat and Fabi for your incredible service, none of us would have made it back without you. And thank you Captain Julio for bringing us all together! I think I speak for everyone on the boat when I say that trip could not have gone better, and we will cherish it in our collective memory. Thanks again! Love, Selden

  • Selden onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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