Every Time I Am Here I Fall in Love with This Place a Little More.

Another trip and we are in Guadalupe again….and every time I am here I fall in love with this place a little more.

Today was our first day of diving and before the dawn broke we were on the dive deck making preps for the day. In between running around to make sure we are all set for day operations I took a moment and deep breath to admire the moonlit sky and soak it in. And as the day progressed we were in for a rollercoaster shark ride. They kept showing up on the surface as usual, but the guests in submersible cages were in for a treat. At a certain point we saw about 5 of them… swimming past us and posing for the perfect Nat Geo picture once in a while. But I have to admit the winner of today’s show was this cute little sea lion pup swimming right under our boat…such a delight to watch. And of course, being my first made it super special. So grateful for this day….well signing off now to have dinner with my dive team, the most amazing people on the boat….what a way to end another day in paradise.

  • DM Pascal

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