I Have Been Diving for Fifteen Years and Have Never Had Such an Amazing Experience from Start to Finish

Guadalupe Island. What can I say? I have been diving for fifteen years and have never had such an amazing experience from start to finish. The Nautilus Belle Amie is an amazing facility and we were welcomed with open arms once we boarded for the amazing diving of Island Guadalupe.

We had a quick rundown of what to expect before we left and we were on our way. Diving started bright and early (especially with the time zone change) and let me say it was one of the most phenomenal days of diving I have ever had! The divemasters: Mary, Kay, Pascal, Yann, and Ivan were phenomenal and you should see their shark wrangling ability.

The divemasters had the utmost patience with new and hesitant divers and helped ID sharks and take photos of all the guests. I haven’t seen tuna managed like that since my old cat Diabetic Ted.

We saw at least 14 sharks on the first day and the submersible cages were just as amazing as the surface cages. Never a lack of action. The weather could be a challenge and the crew thought on their feet and turned the situation into an opportunity. The food was amazing and delicious and the crew went out of their way to find you and serve you your food on the deck. There was no break in the action. It was an amazing time and I would 10/10 recommend it!

  • Breton Wetmore onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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