We Observed Some Unique Behavior Today

Today we had another amazing day at Guadalupe Island. We had non-stop action during the whole day. I was wrangling on the platform for quite a while today, which is one of my favorite activities on the trips. I just love seeing these sharks and their behavior. We observed some unique behavior today. It seemed like one of the sharks named Andy was using a new technique to know where the bait was at. He would come up to the surface next to the bait in such a distance so I would not pull the bait away. It looked like he would touch the wrangling line with his dorsal fin on purpose. He would then turn around super quick to get the tuna. At first, I thought that it was just a single incident, however, when he did this over and over again I started thinking he really found a new strategy. So amazing to observe the majestic animals.

  • Divemaster Stein onboard the Nautilus Under Sea

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