What an Inspiring Trip

What a week on the Belle Amie! With Andy Casagrande as a special guest and a group of passionate shark lovers, we had a blast at the island of Guadalupe. My best ever day of great white in all the seasons here: more than 12 different sharks in 1 single dive, culminating in an insane number of eight sharks at the same time around the deep cage and nonstop action at the surface. Unbelievable.

Evenings were filled with loads of shooting from Andy and very interesting presentations and chats about these amazing animals, how to film them, and how to raise awareness about their conservation. We all learned a lot from the presence of Andy. Also, I had the honor of sharing some time in the cage with our guest Amy, she has been suffering from intense stress after a shark attack 16 years ago, she was so scared that she did not approach the ocean for all this time. And here she was, with us on the Belle Amie, committed to overcoming her fear. I was in absolute awe of seeing her going step by step, finding the courage to go underwater and go from 1 minute to spend an entire hour in the cage after three days. What an inspiring trip!

  • Divemaster Yann onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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