The Nautilus Crew Far Exceeded Anything I Could Have Imagined


Did any of the crew make an extraordinary impression on you?
Every member of the crew was absolutely outstanding. The divemasters were unparalleled – remembering my ear sensitivity from one submersible dive to the next, pointing out sharks when I was inevitably looking in the wrong direction, adjusting weights as we went along, etc. Not to mention that Yann and Pascal are unrivaled bait wranglers! Nubia and Iris were also incredible – keeping track of every guest’s eating schedule and feeding us on the dive deck, the sun deck, and literally, anywhere else we might be. To say nothing of the level of cuisine coming out of a ship kitchen!

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The entire experience was incredible. I had extremely high expectations coming into this “trip of a lifetime” and the Nautilus crew far exceeded anything I could have imagined. I will absolutely be taking future trips with Nautilus and recommending this boat and crew to everyone even remotely considering this sort of thing!

  • Kristin Jumper onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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