We Have Always Been Fascinated by Nature

We have always been fascinated by nature, especially predator and prey interactions. The challenge, for us, has been selecting the right trip that balanced our time constraints with experience. The Cinema Science Expedition on the Nautilus Belle Amie provided us the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature, see great whites in an ideal setting, and learn from one of the world’s experts in underwater cinematography Andy Casagrande.

From the moment we boarded the ship until our departure, the crew made us feel like family and catered to our every need and desire. The ship was amazing and clean and had all the amenities needed for such a trip. Even the diversity of the crew was amazing! So many people from so many backgrounds and countries!

The highlight, as expected, was our diving with sharks. The divemasters were outstanding, pointing out unique behavioral traits, wrangling sharks to the surface, and encouraging us to maximize our time in the cages. They never ceased to provide more shark interactions, utilizing every minute until the cages were closed for the day. They were never satisfied until the guests were worn out for the day.

Andy Casagrande was approachable, humble, and enthusiastic. He shared facts and stories with us, provided tips and tricks regarding photography and cinematography, and genuinely wanted to pick his brain as much as possible. His wife and kids were equally enthusiastic and provided their own input and stories as well.

We, like many professionals, have very little free time…and this experience was one we will never forget!

  • Ali Mesiwala and Carrie Asbury onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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