I Love This Island!

Isla Guadalupe should be on every divers bucket list!

Why? Because it has it all: Amazing sunsets, a beautiful island, amazing night sky, crystal clear water, one of the best operations, fantastic crew and not to forget a healthy population of great white sharks.

The coast of Guadalupe island is the best place in the world to observe great whites. Why? Because the conditions are more than good, because you have a big amount of individuals and because here you can observe a huge range of different behavior. None of thee other places in the world provide all that together and the cherry on the cake, we have the most beautiful scenery. Come and check it out! Guadalupe Island can’t disappoint!

This week we saw up to seven different sharks, full breaches at the surface, cautious approaches in the deep cages, investigative sharks checking divers out in the cages, and some good action around the bait, and much more.

Water temperature is around 70°F and visibility around 120ft, sometimes we see tunas chasing sardines, big yellowfin jacks swimming around the cages, or seals coming to feed their curiosity and checking on the divers and the boat. From far you might even see humpback whales or if you are very lucky you might see a pelagic manta or a whale shark swimming with great whites.

Come and join this Guadalupe expedition and become part of the Nautilus family.

  • Divemaster Pascal

By Nautilus Crew

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