I’m Tipping My Hat to the Entirety of the Crew

I’m tipping my hat to the entirety of the crew. Juan was our good luck charm as he is the manta whisperer. Whenever we were with Juan, we had a beyond spectacular dive. The divemasters were incredible as they could see what felt like miles past what everyone could see. They would point out to the blue and all the guests would look and think the divemasters were crazy. Low and behold, a hammerhead, manta, or some other beautiful pelagic would show up. This was truly an outstanding liveaboard and the service couldn’t be better. I will absolutely be diving in Socorro with Nautilus again.

Also, if you don’t want 5-star meals and be waited on with a 5-star crew, don’t come to Socorro with Nautilus. The food was impeccable and the service was top-notch. I couldn’t have asked for a better time!

  • Jake, Colorado, onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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