I Have the Most Amazing 4K Footage to Prove My Adventure to Family and Friends.

This trip absolutely became one of the most amazing dive trips of my life. It is very rare for a travel company to exceed expectations and over-deliver on what they are selling.

Our trip over on the boat was like riding on a lake, we enjoyed catching up with old friends and had some great meals. I could hardly wait to wake up in the morning to start this amazing adventure.

I had hoped that we would see hammerhead sharks, mantas, and with a little luck whales. Well not only did we see all the above I have the most amazing 4k footage to prove my adventure to family and friends.

Massive schools of hammerheads were seen on multiple days, with their scouts closing in. Mantas were all over the place following us at every dive site. Each manta seemed to say “Hi”, to each diver as if it was introducing itself. They are truly enchanting creatures.

The beautiful Roca Partida dive brought a humpback whale and her calf. The whales would close into the rock and group after group of divers got a glimpse of such a majestic creature.

The Superbowl kick-off was starting but there was one dive left. Only about 30% of the divers made the last dive and thank god I did. It was an overwhelmingly emotional ending to the day. I missed the whales on the previous three dives but finally got a chance to see them up close underwater!

The staff on the boat have been absolutely amazing. The level of service from each member of the staff was fantastic.


  • Ben Cribari, Clovis, California onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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