A Needle in the Middle of the Pelagic Area

On our third day of the trip we headed to Roca Partida, one of the 4 Islands of the archipelago, actually, Roca Partida is an islet. “Roca” as we call it, is the tip of a massive underwater volcano, coming up from the abyss, about 5000 feet to the surface. To give you a size relation, imagine an average table (that would be the volcano), then a glass on it (which would be the plateau on which we anchored) and on top of that glass imagine a needle… That is “Roca”, a needle in the middle of the pelagic area, and all around its slowly dropping into the pitch-black abyss. So you literally diving into the living room of pelagic creatures. Everything can happen at “Roca”, you just have to be in the water at the right moment. I had my best and my worst dive at the Rock, on the same day.

Today was one of those “it goes under your skin” days.
As we arrived and anchored we could already see a humpback whale with her calf breaching very close to the rock and even if you try to control yourself, expectations will creep in and you imagine how it would be to see those gentle and peaceful giants of the Pacific passing you to disappear in the depths of the blue…

Not finished…

  • Divemaster Pascal onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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