The Most Beautiful Underwater Song

This was the third dive of our first day it was at San Benedicto and this dive was so majestic. We jumped on a shallow area near a rock we call Manta rock we used this rock as a visual reference for descending and below us, it was a chevron manta, we all enjoy a one on one moment with her and then when she left we continue our dive going to the cleaning station and out of the blue from the deeps we saw a big tiger shark swam in front of us across the rocks we could belive it we try to slowly get closer but this shark was on a mission so it went away but when we reach the rock coming from the opposite side three big hammerheads swimming on top of us against the current that was such a nice one and we were just on the middle of the dive!

Once we got to the cleaning station it was full of Silvertips and Galapagos and it just get better! we start to hear very loud the most beautiful underwater song it was a whale singing we couldn’t see it but it was so loud you could think it was next to you !! And suddenly a big school of hammerheads doing a tornado next to the receptor was so much to process watching this plus the whales’ song it was one of my favorite dives so far!

  • Divemaster Mario onboard the Nautilus UnderSea

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