A Place Where All Nationalities Have Come Together for Some Amazing Diving

What can I say…. The trip that has been put off the last two years because of the worldwide pandemic, but has brought the world to this boat. A place where all nationalities have come together for some amazing diving, top-tier accommodations and service, and great evenings of Earth, Wind, and Fire. The crew is the best that I have ever experienced on a liveaboard! Then there is the diving….. Los Pinches (crab claws in the air) dominated the ocean with the most Humpback Whale sightings, the largest number of hammerheads, and became best friends with the Manta Social Community. Thank you for an outstanding trip! Best crew, best boat, best diving, best people. Muchas gracias nuestros amigos!!!

  • Dony and Brandan onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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