My Heart Was Beating Strong

Some people say, Revillagigedo is the Mexican Galapagos, but you know what? This is not true, because Revillagigedo is unique in the world… Here you can find the most friendly mantas around the world, the most playful and smiling dolphins, many different beautiful sharks… it is a giant’s world…

Look, after 7 years of waiting to have another encounter with this magical colossus animal, this time happened again, the incredible and magical humpback whale with her calf, and you know the most incredible thing? She is the same whale from 7 years ago….. No words to describe this, but I can tell you my heart was beating strong hahaha… And it happened here, in the Mexican Revillagigedo Islands.

  • Arturo A. Bocos, Mexico onboard the Nautilus UnderSea.

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