The Nautilus Crew was Incredibly Warm and Helpful


Did any of the crew make an extraordinary impression on you?
This trip was a trip of a lifetime!!! We saw an endless supply of sharks, mantas, breaching whales, and even several dolphins. I’ve been around whales for quite some time, but I have never seen a breach, and we saw a mother-calf breach multiple times between our dives and even cruised by our skiff after one of the dive groups saw them underwater. We had such a JAWS-some experience. There’s just some-FIN amazing about seeing a mother whale and calf interact the whole day we spent anchored.

The entire staff was so incredibly warm and helpful. Almost every member of our group had last minute gear issues (literally moments before boarding the skiff) and they were so helpful in quickly fixing our issues to make sure we didn’t miss a dive or delay other groups. The team effort made our trip effortless and they always helped with a smile. We also had equipment issues underwater and those were quickly addressed by our dive masters as well.

Mari was our first dive master for the first day of diving, and she was so incredibly warm, energetic and was very helpful for some of the newer divers in our group. 

Pablo is always there when we needed help–he was calm and confident in the water and it definitely rubbed off on us. 

Ivan is the encouraging type and led the group to step outside of their comfort zones to put us in positions to have the best experience possible. His fun, playful sense of humour made our experiences unforgettable. 

Pascal led great presentations that were extremely helpful for our understanding of the wildlife underwater and tips on identifying which sharks and always seemed to be in the right spots in the water to see these graceful creatures glide by right in front of us. 

Dani is new to the boat and seemed incredibly interested in helping us and learning the boat from top to bottom and was always such a pleasant person to interact with. He’s always got a can-do attitude and will find a resolution to any of your issues. He’s going to be a great addition to the boat in the future. 

I must say I’m extremely picky about food and they knocked it out of the park! Julio crafted meals that were spectacular and there was always more than enough to eat and I had to actively tell myself to stop eating before dives. The variety and options for food was always sufficient and they catered to our dietary restrictions and preferences. 

Donovan, our sous-chef was always so helpful and always had such a positive attitude and smile on his face. His positive energy definitely left a lasting impact on us. 

Iris and Osa were incredible and so hard working. They were always on the move to ensure they anticipate all of your needs. And they definitely succeeded as they knew what you wanted before you even knew you wanted it. 

Danny was always so helpful on the dive deck and was helping to ensure everything worked behind the scenes. 

Geronimo was a champion on the skiffs and very helpful to get us to the right spots to jump in and was extremely helpful getting us out of the water efficiently and quickly to safely get back to the boat. He helped hand me my camera rig in and out of the water and treated it with great care.

And of course, Captain Shep and Einar ensured that we safely got to all of our destinations safely, efficient, and as smoothly as possible. I definitely appreciated the daily updates from the Captain so we always knew what was going on and what to expect. 

The combination of staff they have assembled has been instrumental to ensuring that we had the best experience possible and all of their efforts made it an amazing experience. You can see that they enjoy their jobs and will go the extra mile to make sure they exceed all expectations. 

We’ve already started looking into other trips from Nautilus and especially on the beautifully maintained Belle Amie. The salon was warm and inviting and offered plenty to do. They supplied books, board games, etc. The dining area was always clean and stocked with all of the hot sauces you could possibly need. The dive deck was cleaned and properly maintained every day. The tanks were filled quickly and you were ready to go as soon as the time for the next dive came around. The sundeck was clean and a nice place to lounge between dives and even warm up in the spa. Our group is excited about getting home to plan the next trip with Nautilus.

  • Byron Tran onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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