Captain’s Noon Reports – Belle Amie – 2022-04-25

Location: Punta Tosca

Weather: Clear Skies, NW Wind (15-20kts), Swell (8ft)

We had two more dives yesterday at the Canyon. Bother were very good. Divers had good activity at the cleaning station with lots of silvertips and Galapagos, and hammerheads could be spotted in schools of more than 20 on both dives. At times the hammerheads were coming within 10 feet of the divers. We enjoyed a great taco dinner-inside because of high winds– and got underway late last night for an overnight run to Punta Tosca. After the difficulties with current and seas that many in the group had yesterday, we were hoping for a bit more protection down here on the south side of Socorro. It didn’t work out exactly as planned and conditions and pretty choppy down here, with winds blowing well in excess of the forecast. The water is slightly churned up from some large wrap-around swells too. But we’ve still had a pretty good morning. On dive one, many of the divers had close encounters with at least two mantas. Everybody who saw them loved it. One of the groups had a very brief glimpse of a dolphin as well. Some white tip sharks and some curious silky sharks as well. There was very little current on the first dive. For dive two the current picked up significantly, running west. The wind had also picked up some. For some of the divers, it presented the same challenges they had yesterday with the combination of current, swell, and wind on the surface. Many of the divers spent their dive struggling in the current, but at least one group was able to find some nice protection and had sightings of two mantas and one hammerhead. We will complete one more dive here and then get underway for our navy inspection followed by the silky snorkel tonight at Cabo Pearce.

We had a very good dive and were able to see plenty of whitetips and lobster as well as a very large green turtle. After a short time, the last group of divers surfaced and we moved to recover them.

Water temperature: 72-76°F

Visibility: 50ft

  • Captain Jon Shephard

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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