The Thrill of a Lifetime

Dive day 4 and we have already seen lots of giant mantas. While we are trying our best to give way to these gentle giants, beware! I’m hovering at 60 feet filming a massive manta that has been circling our group for the past 20 minutes when it starts coming directly at me from about 20 feet away. I’m staying motionless getting some great video and it keeps coming and coming right at me… I’m waiting for it to veer left or right as it’s a big ocean, but finally, I have to tuck my legs up into myself as I have nowhere to go. The manta passes directly below me and with one quick wing flap spanks me on the ass with enough force to move me up a few feet. We decided at that moment that it had to be a female….teaching me a lesson. Other divers caught it all on video. Incredible moment.

  • Doug, Canada onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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