Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady- 2022-05-23

Location: La Paz

Weather: Clear Skies, ESE Wind (5-10kts), Swell (1ft)

We started the day down near La Ventana, well clear of the strong Coromuel winds that have been blowing lately. Headed out at 0730 to look for mobulas and found a school of a few hundred just off Punta Gorda. We spent about an hour snorkeling with them, then got everyone back onboard for breakfast and headed for the Bay of La Paz. Katie and Scarlett were up in the air this morning, all around Cerralvo and the Bay of La Paz but no orcas around. Our destination to start searching in the Bay of La Paz was near San Juan de la Costa, and pretty much just as we arrived we started seeing whale spouts. Within about half an hour we were surrounded by fin and Bryde’s whales. Juan David says he thinks approximately 12 whales. Just as the guests were getting into the tender a single Brydes whale took an interest in the Gallant Lady and circled the vessel 4 or 5 times, within about 100ft of us. Staying near the surface and swimming slowly. We ended up spending the entire afternoon until about 20 minutes ago, whale watching and enjoying some really big Fin whales really close to the tender.

Water temperature: 76°F

Visibility: 20ft

  • Captain Ramón

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