Fun and Action-Packed Five Days

What a fantastic trip in the sea of Cortez! We had a fun and action-packed five days, hopping from one island to a more beautiful one and encountering a significant amount of wildlife! Just imagine: first day swimming with a pod of 30 dolphins, then a family of 9 orcas! Then a great dive at La Reina with 50+feet aquarium-like visibility. On the second day, we were diving with the sea lions of las Animas, incredibly friendly, and exploring the reef finding octopus, eels, lobsters, and even a sea horse! On our third day, we had a great time kayaking through the mangrove of San Jose island. Before diving with more sea lions. One was so friendly he hugged one of the divers!

Incredible encounter with a sea lion.

Later during our night dive, we saw loads of octopus, sea hares, and nudibranchs. We had a great time snorkeling with a pod of 400+ bottlenose dolphins!

We spent our last dive day on a shipwreck called Fang Ming; it was full of turtles and fish. We also enjoyed a cold beer on the pristine white sand in front of the turquoise water of Coralito beach on Espiritu Santo island.

On this trip, there are activities for everyone, divers and non-divers, and memories that will last forever!

  • Mate Yann onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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