bahia de los Angeles , Whale shark!

Our day yesteday at Bahia LA was a success, with all guests seeing a whaleshark, some for the first time. It sounds like there were likely only two sharks in the area, but that was enough for each guest to have at least one pass. The guests came back pretty happy with the experience. Following their return we raised anchora nd moved around the corner to Punta Pescadero, where we had time for one dive before we had to start our long trip south. The dive was surprisingly good. Visibility in excess of 60 feet and lots of rays and nudibranchs to keep the divers occupied. 
We had taco night on the top deck while we cruised in calm seas to the south.

So far we have made two dives here at San Marcos, lots of sea lions on both and the guests are loving it. We will make two more dives here this afternoon befoe making way back south for our final day of diving in the Loreto area

By Nautilus Crew

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