Great dives in Roca. School of Silkies

Yesterday we finished our diving day at Roca with such a dive,we dove with a school of silky sharks that were coming from the North, 1 black friendly manta and a lot of reef fish, the conditions were nice but at the end the curren increased the visbility as well decrease but it was still nice for a good dive, after we finished we picked up the anchor and we sailed directly to San Benedicto, we spent the night at anchor and the 1st dive at the Canyon was beautiful.we dove with hammerheads sharks,2 mantas, some galapagos sharks and 2 tiger sharks at the end of the dive, the dive conditions were so good, the visibility was around 60 ft and there was no current after we finished with the dive we moved to the Boiler , we performed the 2nd dive which was very nice, a couple of mantas were around our divers and a school of jacks were at the North of the rock, the dive condition were good

submitted by Julio aboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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