Booom! CLARION is the last island of the Mexican territory and the farthest west site of Revillagigedo Archipelago. When you arrive you expected to see similar topography than the other 3, sharp volcanic islands erupting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, however Clarion offers you a different landscape, covering this sharp and majestic walls there is a thin green grass which makes a totally surreal scene, more like in the northern sea, if someone told you that you are in Ireland you could believe it! This is the first impression you get from the island, is like an sculpture of very precise pyramides and domes, lava flows and a huge contrast of colors, from blacks to browns, oranges, reds… in between the blue of the ocean and this greenish grass on top, just another world! 
I have not enough words to describe what you can see above water! 
If you want to know more about Clarion and diving there, just stay tuned, I can say if the landscape is unbelievable, underwater is absolutely amazing!!!

Submitted by DiveMaster Dani Moreno

By Nautilus Crew

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