Roca Partida – A Sharknado in Real Life

Remember Sharknado where thousands of sharks spill over into Los Angeles and terrorize the residents? That was reel life and what we saw in Roca Partida was for real! On our first dive, we slowly made our way around the island in a calm sea. And what an experience it was! We were surrounded by sharks of all species and sizes – Silver Tips, White Tips, Galapagos, Hammers, you name it we saw it. The icing was the tunas that were bigger than the sharks.

Roca Partida on FIRE!

We couldn’t have asked for more as we jumped in for our first dive. There were at least 35 White Tips, resting on the east side balcony, and as we headed south, we found ourselves surrounded by a huge school of Big Eye Jacks eyeing us curiously.

Since there was hardly any current, we turned north to be greeted by a few Hammerheads and large rivers of yellowfin tunas. Every dive had something spectacular in store for us divers and we were lucky to be in the middle of active marine life.

Looking forward eagerly to the humpback season starting soon.

A Memorable Diving Day

What was thought to be a routine diving day at Roca turned out to be one of the best for us. It was sharks, sharks, and still more sharks around us. We had a school of Galapagos sharks swimming around the rock for the whole day and on the North side, there was a tornado of Silver Tip sharks hanging out as well.

Apart from them, we also had some Dusky sharks for company for the better half of the day.

If seeing amazing marine life up close is your passion, Roca Partida is the place to be. It is hard to describe it in words. Roca never disappoints.

Two more dive days to go. Excited like never before in my life.

By Nautilus Crew

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