An Incredible Day – Diving on Roca Partida

A memorable day for us divers, an incredible day of diving off Roca Partida. There is so much we have seen on this trip but today takes the cake. There were Hammerheads, White Tips, and a few big Galapagos sharks to keep us company, and above water, we saw from the boat many whales breaching throughout the day. We couldn’t have asked for more on a single day.

But let’s get to the dive proper and the amazing world of nature that greeted us.

Our group hung out in the north end where the current was splitting and it was here that all the action was. Just below the surface, we came up against hundreds of clarion fish, the pink and yellow tints of their bodies reflecting the sunlight and glinting in the waters.

Deeper down at around 25 meters, there were a couple of huge schools of jacks, mainly cottonmouth, as well as Sliver Tips, White Tips, and Galapagos sharks circling widely around us, eyeing the divers with curiosity as they glided past. As the sharks zipped by, the clarion fish streamed towards us as if seeking safety in numbers, the late afternoon sun bouncing off them and creating a mesmerizing effect.

Singing Humpback for Company

All through the dive, we could hear the majestic yet curious song of a male humpback. And guess what! When we surfaced the male breached to take a few breaths merely 50 meters from the boat. We had no idea that he was so close. An amazing experience.

By Nautilus Crew

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