Amazing Whale -Watching Memories at the San Ignacio Lagoon

Our whale-watching trip to the San Ignacio Lagoon has been more than fantastic, not only because of our close encounters with these magnificent animals but also because of the wonderful hospitality provided to us. The staff has been wonderful, very attentive, and ensured that we had incredible encounters with the whales even in very windy conditions. The captain was experienced and displayed great skills in maneuvering the boat even in inclement weather. He was always very considerate towards all his guests.

Incredible Whale-Watching Experience

I clearly remember the first day we went whale-watching. The morning was a bit slow and we started around 9.30. It began with an encounter with an adult but this one did not let us pet it though it was friendly enough to stay near the boat for at least 30min. The captain decided to go for another whale. It did not take long and we saw two of them approach the boat and let us pet them.

After a little break on the beach, we gave a quick ride into the mangroves because most guests wanted to have a look. Back in the area of whale watching, we saw many whales spy hopping, but none of them was a friendly one. For the last whale watching this afternoon, it was a little choppy but nothing to be concerned about it, whales were great passing around and beneath the boat.

Back at the camp and happy hour, all the guests were grateful for the day.

The next day, we had a wonderful morning in the lagoon.

It was a cloudy day, flat waters with a little bit of sunshine. We could hear the spouts as soon as we approached the designated area for whale watching. Most of the pairs of mothers and calves were in transit, swimming against the outgoing tidal currents. Suddenly, out of the blue, a mother and her baby passed by under our panga. The water visibility was so great that we could estimate the enormous size of the whales. They delighted us with the high-pitched sound of their spouts close to our boat. It was a magical misty morning!

Time Spent in Paradise

If any place on earth can be called paradise, this is it.

I went inside the observation area four times, with two different groups, and every time I was happily surprised to find the people so aware and knowledgeable about the behavioral patterns of the whales and their habitat. We were elated at our experience of being in the observation area for six hours, happy at what the whales had to offer – spy hopping, breaching, and even mating behavior.

A beautiful baby too came close to us and allowed us to interact with it. The mom was so lovely and gentle with us, permitting us to pet the baby while keeping a close watch over it.

It is fascinating the lessons the whales teach us every day. They show us how peaceful, careful, and lovely life can be as human beings. In fact, we have got a lot to learn from the gentle giants.

Rounding off Our Trip to San Ignacio Lagoon

Departure from camp at 7.45, we faced a little wind from the northwest but it was still a nice ride. As we entered the observation area the wind picked up and the waters got a bit choppy. Still, we saw a few singles and mother-baby pairs, some curious whales passing under, as well as some spy hops and breaches in the distance.

After a quick trip to a mangrove estuary close by for a break, we started our second round of whale-watching near the mouth of the Lagoon. We were not disappointed and spent a fascinating time with the whales. We saw a mother and baby pair that played with us for a while and even when the wind speed picked up, the whales kept coming to the boat. It was a good session, the ride back to camp was a little bumpy though the captain did a very good job keeping the clients comfortable and dry.

We headed back to the observation area again at 2.30. The wind was stronger but the tide was going in the same direction as the wind so it was not too choppy. At the mouth of the Lagoon, we saw a few mother-baby pairs but they were not interested in us. There were a few singles as well and one of them was very skinny. Luckily, we found the same mother and baby pair from an earlier trip and they stayed with us for about 30-40 minutes, frolicking around us.

Unfortunately, it was time to head back to camp and this time too, the captain did a great job of smoothly getting back us despite the high winds and the swell.

Summing up

The trip was amazing, the whale encounters were abundant, and our guides were experts with invaluable knowledge in this field.

This has been a most incredible life-changing experience for me with memories that will last a lifetime.

However, just as all incredible journeys come to an end, so did our wonderful trip to San Ignacio Lagoon. And as ours end, the journey of the whales will begin because this is the time when they go back to their natural habitat North. The whales that gave us so much excitement is ready for their travel now! Their time in this beautiful and magic lagoon is coming to the end and our lovely whales are almost ready to migrate.

It is a sad moment for all of us as we realize that the inevitable time has now come to start saying goodbye. The migration is God’s and the whales’ instinctive process and we must all follow and respect that. 
Anyway, for the limited time that we have left on our hands, we shall continue to look at and enjoy the presence of our lovely whales until the last day and the last goodbye has been said.

By Nautilus Crew

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