A Trip Aboard the Gallant Lady – A Not-To-Be-Missed Experience

Take a trip on the Nautilus Gallant Lady and you will keep coming back for more. What starts mainly as a diving trip to bond with incredible sea animals goes to another level with incredible hospitality and a crew that anticipates all your needs before you can say them. Hence, none of the two aspects must be left out as I describe my experience on board this beautiful boat.

I will begin my narrative with the amazing dives I had and being up close with sea creatures that I had the privilege of seeing only in award-winning wildlife documentaries.

Exploring the Ocean for Beautiful Sea Creatures

Our trip got off to a rollicking start. Day 1 was for getting the feel of things, listening to the captain’s instructions, and most importantly, getting to know my fellow companions with whom I would be spending some amazing quality time over the next few days.

The next day, Day 2, we were up fresh and early at the 0615 wake-up call and were in the RHIB by 0700. The day was beautiful with the morning air crisp and invigorating and a clear sunny sky. As we sped across the ocean to our first dive site, I tried to keep as calm as possible so that my nervousness did not overwhelm my excitement.

My first jump was a little rough with choppy waves and limited visibility. I struggled to manage my fins, mask, and weight belt. However, by Day 3 I had gotten used to this equipment and felt more comfortable in them. On our dives, we have seen 4 different types of whales including a Blue Whale, Humpback, Sperm, and Fin.

Swimming with the mobulas has definitely been a life-changing experience for me. The vast ocean where you are just a speck is a learning experience for all and increases your reverence towards the animals that live there.

Thanks to the experienced crew and dive masters who have an in-depth knowledge of the dive locations and great respect for the wildlife, we have experienced many beautiful diving and snorkeling spots and seen many whales and other animals.

What an amazing adventure we had onboard the Gallant Lady! Every time we go out on the Rhib the experience is so magical! Being able to experience all the wonders the Sea of Cortez has to offer is just mind-blowing!

I cannot help but put my thoughts down in lyrical form.

“Today is a day that will pass not any old way.

A DAY that precedes the usual but with ORCAS in play

A participant in nature and its web of plankton, whales, sea lions, birds, and fish.

On the Pacific Ocean in the Sea of Cortez searching for the ultimate wish.”

Carry on Nautilus and thanks for all that you have offered to us.

5-STAR Hospitality Abroad the Gallant Lady

While the sharks, whales, and mobulas can keep you enthralled throughout the trip, half the fun would not have been there if it had not been for the excellent hospitality dished out by the crew of the Gallant Lady. You can have close encounters with all the sea animals that you can wish for but without the expertise and talent of the dive masters guiding you and choosing the best dive spots, the whole trip would probably have come to naught.

The food and the service were phenomenal. Hostess Silvia especially stood out for her excellent service and for making everybody comfortable and feel at home. All the staff on board went out of their way to look after the safety and the specific needs of the guests. The food would beat any Michelin-star restaurant hands down. And what made it so special is that you got the right food at the right time – like snacks and smoothies after a dive to keep the batteries charged!

The boat too is very clean and well-maintained. Though this is my first adventure aboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady, I would love to come back again next year for another bout of interacting with sea animals and to savor the 5-star hospitality on board.

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