KABOOOOM!! this is the sound of your mind being blown up.

Daily. it is ASTONISHING how often you have to put your brain back into your head here, to rebuild your blown mind after a day of diving then prepare to have it pour out of your skull again the next day.
This is my second Socorro trip. I have thousands of dives around the world, nearly 20 liveaboards, I can honestly say this place is fully insane, in that really good losing grip on reality way. Mantas, sharks, dolphins, whale sharks, false killer whales, morays, fish uncountable, and this just keeps on coming like a freight train of ocean heaven on the daily. 
Please just stay away to leave empty spots for me…
My name is James Strain and I am an addict.
Thank you Nautilus for supporting this full blown insanity and brain melting diving trips. You are the most wonderful enablers of the most wonderful addiction. your ship, your crew, have brought me much joy. 
Keep on keeping it real and bringing the A1 secret sauce for us dive junkies.
thank you sincerely

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