Every morning I would ask my self how possibly we could top what we witness yesterday?

“every morning I would ask my self how possibly we could top what we witness yesterday? and then something happen more crazy than the day before..” – Dinna…

I got the feeling that this trip can be considered the most succesfull Orcas and Mobula trip, such an extraordinary experience.
We spent 2 days with Orcas, for a total of 21 hours, with a pod of 8 females, we have seen them feeding, showing off to humans, interacting, cooperative hunting, playing with the wake of the ship.
I personally have jumped in the first day and I had the best encounter wih orcas of my life, she stood up vertical in front of me for maybe 30 seconds that seemed minutes.. Kind of the same dolphins do in Socorro, she stared at me, she observed me,with curiosity.
And when you think you have seen it all, a giant pod of spotted dolphins and common together taking the time to interact with the guests.
Mobulas have been giving a show also with big aggregations and and clear visibility to appreciate the size of the schools.
Sea lion colony has been visited off course.
Then to top the trip, we encounter a bryde whale in the Cerralvo channel, animals I have never seen being playful and come close, encounters are usually short and they are on their route. But this whale was different, we spent 6 hours with her, and most of the time with engines off, she found us interesting, and started to show off in the most magnificent way, belly up, playing with the ship, spying hop and out without any behavior prediction, she breach just for us 18 times! Revealing her pink belly.
Hey oh sea of Cortez!

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