Amazing Experience of A Divemaster Off San Francisco Island – First-Hand Account

The day at San Francisco Island was amazing and my clients were amazed by the dives on the sea lion colony. We were very lucky because the sea lions were extremely friendly and interactive during the whole dive. It is not easy to find such a beautiful and strange place to dive as the Sea of Cortez where there are a lot of different species and beautiful landscapes underwater. At the end of the day, the clients spend their evening kayaking and paddling, enjoying a beautiful sunset at San Francisco Bay. Great day!

Incredible Encounters with the Sea Lions

Today we had the most playful Sea Lions ever. On the third dive today, we dove at the Sea Lion colony on San Francisco Island. It seemed like the Sea Lions were happy to have a bunch of divers in the water. They started playing with us when we were down for only 10 minutes and they played with all the divers one by one. There was a total of around 15 on them and they kept coming back to play with us.

At one point a young Sea Lion picked up a small rock from the bottom with his mouth just to give it to one of the guests. It looked like a gift from a small child. Every guest had a special moment at some point during the dive. It is hard to describe this dive in words. Such a special dive to remember for many years to come.

Tomorrow we will be diving at Espiritu Santo Island. Let’s see what we get…..

Nature’s Blessings Even On My Rest Day

There are certain days in life when as soon as you wake up you can feel it .. like the song says “Love is in the air…everywhere I look around…” love for life, love for nature, gratitude for my job, and the opportunity to be in these amazing places. Just picture this – San Francisquito, the sun rising, beautiful turquoise waters, amazing visibility, and the summer heat and vibes that tell you that adventure is out there waiting for me.

My break from duties comes and I just know it’s time to jump in the water free as a bird. I just can’t miss the chance, no matter how much of a rush it is as people are going for a dive. They drop me off near the rocks for a little snorkeling and as soon as I jump in the water I’m amazed by the sight before me.

Some people might think it’s just rocks, but they are so full of life all around, fish everywhere, turtles, colorful starfish, white sands …just breathtaking. I would just stay forever in the water if I could. We swim to a nearby beach, the sound of the water rolling the pebbles on the shore, the perfect sky, shades of blue all over, what a sight, what a beautiful day to be alive!

Thankful to life and Nautilus for letting me have days like this … every day.

By Nautilus Crew

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