Exciting Experiences Diving Off the Nautilus Gallant Lady

Exploring below the surface of the vast oceans leaves an indelible impression even on the most seasoned divers who have completed hundreds of dives. There is always something amazing around the corner.

Here are two first-hand experiences, one from a dive master who has seen it all but still finds adventure in every dive and the other from a guest – both aboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady.

Let us dive into what they have to say.

A Dive Masters Perspective

This is our second (but not last) trip with Nautilus and once again they have exceeded our expectations. The dives have been amazing and I am proud to say that on my 100th dive, I played with seals and later, onboard the Nautilus, was greeted with singing and a delicious little cake made with love from Silvia.

DM Celina and Stein are top-notch! Words cannot express how much I admire them both. Poncho the chef – WOW! The food is incredible. I have not eaten this much in my life! Yann (Captain) & Oscar (First Mate) could not have been more sensational as they found a Blue Whale and tried hard to take us out to snorkel with it. But all my praise is reserved for Aurelio who fixed the air conditioner so that we could continue our trip!!! Thank you, Nautilus Gallant Lady, for a spectacular time. You have our hearts!

From A Guest’s Perspective

Had an amazing time aboard the Gallant Lady. The crew was very hospitable and very down to earth. Silvia was attentive to everything, constantly asking us if we wanted drinks or anything else. She would always have a smoothie ready for us after each dive, something I always looked forward to.

The Dive Masters, Stein and Celina, were very knowledgeable of the aquatic life in the area. Celina even hosted a fun game where she named 4 sea creatures and the first person to find them on the dive and show them to her would get a free drink!

There was a schedule of events for each day, but Captain Yahn and his first Mate Oscar would purposely interrupt the schedule (slightly) to allow us to take advantage of unique situations, like snorkeling with Dolphins. The food was amazing and they kept us well fed.

During my time onboard, I completed 15 dives including 2 night dives. During one of the night dives, I was able to witness a Moral Eel devouring its dinner. However, the most memorable experience for me was interacting with Sea lions, some of which came within a few feet of us. On one of the dives there were about 15 of them, each taking turns to come down from the surface to interact with us, but right before the end of the dive, they all came down at once.

At the start of the trip, I was with 7 strangers but by the end of the trip, I was able to call them friends. Absolutely amazing experience, cannot wait to do it again.

By Nautilus Crew

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