Extraordinary Journey with Nautilus Liveboards

I was unsure and nervous what to expect. 4 dives to my name, expectations of maybe feeling that I would be treated as the novice that I’m. Wrong, the crew and the dive masters all treated everyone the same. Safety was the first priority. Everyone of the crew took us in as we are their family. 7 star treatment from begin to end. Dive masters educated and encourage conservation of the local sea life, and protections of their guest. Plus, I’ve learn so much in a short amount of time. I could not pass up another dive trip without seeking out this company. If you want world class service and be apart of something special to carry with you the rest of you life. Nautilus Liveboards is the way to go. Special Thank You to the crew. It was a wonderful surprise to be wished a happy birthday on the boat, Chef made a great and delicious cake.

Today, we did two dives at Carmen Island. There was a large sandy bottom with lots of macro life and one giant jaw fish. On the second dive we spent about 30 minutes on the sand watching small things move very slowly but that jaw fish was the show stopper. The structure of its whole was impressive with shells layered with sand and small stones in between. We descended slightly and found a lovely black coral sea and then we spent the last half-hour along the pinnacles. As dusk approached things got more lively. The shrimp, crab, and lobster were very defensive and ran from the light of my torch. The fish were lively and in the final moments a pair of angel fish decided to check us out. The ascent in the blue was smooth and the skiff brought us back to the ship in time to shower and watch last 15 minutes of the sun set. It was a lovely day and the crew made it all possible.


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