Deep Sea Exploration at Sea of Cortez

Another beautiful day on the Sea Of Cortez aboard the amazing Belle Amie Live Aboard. The ship is so comfortable you are tempted to skip all the dives and just relax on board in the huge well appointed lounge, or on the top deck in the hot tub. But we came to scuba dive and explore underwater.
An early start for continental breakfast and cappuccino with frothed milk before hitting the water at 7 am. The water is so warm I am only wearing a skin. We were met on the dive by the local sea lions who put on quite a show. They are completely adorable, sassy and playful…. that is until big daddy comes swimming by blowing bubbles letting us know in no uncertain terms where the boundary line is. We got so many fun videos with them all. Next a full delicious breakfast, anything you wanted, followed by dive # 2. This time we went out into the deep open sea, I think we hit 100ft. We were looking for hammer head sharks and BINGO! WE found them. Such amazing creatures to see.
After lunch we have 2 more dives. I cannot wait to see what comes next!

A shout out to the whole crew who work so hard to make everything run smoothly… Fresh drinks served deck side before each dive, clean towels every day. Fantastic meals. The dive guides knowledge of the sea and the creatures in it impressive. You know you are in good hands with them all.
Belle Amie, I will be back.
Thank you.

Teri Hogan

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