My First Dolphin Encounter at Sea of Cortez

My favorite dive so far… was the second attempt to find the rumored multitude of scalloped hammerheads. Me and my DM, Pablo began our commute from the sea lion colony to “the blue.” We cruised at 70′ for about 10 minutes until all signifying features were lost. At that point, we realized if further travel was necessary based on tracking anything moving. Sadly all we could see was the backscatter of the ocean’s current.

So due to the lack of success in finding the shark congregation, we called the dive to potentially reposition via rubber boat. While performing the safety stop we could hear animals clicking. As we were observing our surroundings, Pablo in all excitement pointed to my 6 o’clock. It was a shark-like creature but coming to us in a proposing motion. Voilà!, it was my first encounter with a dolphin Spinner. Most as soon as it came into sight, it quickly retreated.

The dingy now shows up and we two divers just hanging out in the blue were more surprised when the clicking got louder and now a herd of dolphins positioned themselves under the boat just waiting for a wake to play in. There were four at the bow and six near the propeller. We didn’t surface, with cameras rolling and our boat pilot in on the action, he drove in a circle and allowed the dolphin to create the beautiful dance of dolphin wake play. After several minutes and the dolphin’s disappearance, we emerged and boarded the rubber boat. We were all smiles and this is just one of many Safety stops of action aboard the Belle Amie this week.


Kyron A

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