Whale Shark Day at Bahia de los Ángeles

Starting with a quick boat ride on pangas out to the Bahia, we suited up in eager anticipation of our first whale shark sighting. The excitement on the boat was palpable when we saw our first fin! The captain of the panga told us the exact moment to slide in the water quietly and gently to see as much of the shark as possible. These graceful giants under water were STUNNING! They would keep a close but careful distance from us, seeming just as curious as we were about the strange creatures in the water. The most memorable moment for me was when a whale shark seemed to pirouette around me as I floated as still as possible in the water. She seemed to be watching me, swimming slowly in a circle. Eline and our boat captain directed us in the water when sharks would approach so that we could navigate to them and see as much of the beautiful animals as possible. After a while there were whale sharks all over the Bahia, from juveniles to large adults and all were gorgeous to see above and below the water. BEST DAY EVER.

So grateful for this experience!

Jenny Brannon

By Nautilus Guests

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