Hammerhead Shark Blast at the Sea of Cortez

It-s the third dive of the day, our group hadn’t seen the hammerheads already yet there are the highlight of the island if not of the whole trip. We were supposed to go and explore a couple of caves on the northern side of the island but we agreed to go and at check out if we could see any hammerhead, we didn’t really have much hope top be honest.

As agreed, we go to 25m and look out in the open, all in a sudden, two hammerheads come super fast and check on us ratter than us checking on them !!! A few moments later, a huge school of Bigeye Trevally appears behind them. The sharks will go back and forth several times before vanishing in the deep waters of the seas of Cortez and the Bigeye trevally circled a few times as well… It-s minute 5 of our dive in which we had not much hope about seeing anything big and we just got two curious hammerheads and a school of bigeyes, what a blast !!!!

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