Amazing Experience at the Sea of Cortez

48 hours into our adventure and here, sitting in the lounge with a fellow passenger strumming the guitar, I am finally able to able to put into words the amazingness I have experienced thus far! I am vacationing with my boyfriend and from the second we came aboard, the crew has made us feel like we were family, catering to our every need with warm smiles and cheerful conversation. This is our first dive trip after getting open water, and Nitrox certified a year ago so we were both a bit nervous and not sure what to expect. After a very thorough safety and dive briefing we were broken up into groups and matched up with a dive master. The first dive was roughly 30 feet and was an excellent way to get used to the equipment and go below the surface again, but it still definitely did not disappoint! There were beautiful fish and it was a very relaxing introduction to the majestic Sea of Cortez.
Once we returned back to the boat the crew took care of all of our gear while we rinsed off and ate a delicious lunch. I realize this is a dive trip, but it could easily be mistaken for a foodie extravaganza! Each and every meal has been healthy, fresh, and delicious!
With 4 dives a day, it has been busy but spectacular! Each new dive site has offered new views (sea lions! more fish than I can count!) and even a little cave adventure. The dive masters are absolutely on top of their game, ready, willing, and able to support from prepping gear, to pointing out litter critters underwater. They have made this trip an adventure to remember so far, and we still have 5 days to go!


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