Impressive Wildlife in the Sea of Cortez

The Gulf of California aka Sea of Cortez aka Aquarium of the world is a very special and unique place in the world. One of the most northern reefs worldwide, a high salinity, dramatic temperature changes during the year, and very deep trenches make it a unique ecosystem with a lot of endemic species and migrating mammals and pelagic animals.
A huge range of macro organisms, like Nudies, Flatworms, Seahorses, Frogfishes, Blennies, Jawfishes, etc. makes a macro lover´s heart frequency rise. Numerous ornamental and reef fishes, schools of Jacks, big Groupers, different species of Morays, etc. in very healthy numbers make the reefs look like busy little cities… The coral is not comparable to Asia but we have loads of black coral in pretty shallow waters and colorful soft coral and big heads of hard coral, They are the foundation of the entire ecosystem. And we have the big animals, pelagic and local, like Sea Lions, Fur Seals, Hammerhead Sharks, Whale Sharks and different species of Dolphins and Whales….The bottom line info is that this sea has a huge range of species to offer and a large amount of different protected areas and national parks. This impressive wildlife in the Sea of Cortez is framed by semi-virgin breathtaking Landscapes of the peninsula of Baja California.
Do you want to get off the grid fast? My recommendation is to check the Gulf out, its worth it.

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