Richness in the Sea of Cortez

The trip and the crew have been absolutely amazing!! It has very much exceeded my expectations. All the dives have been noticeably thought out to give the best opportunities for the divers to have the best chance to see what the dive site has to offer. I particularly liked how we were split up into groups, based on our skill level, in order to space out the divers amongst the wildlife. The interactions with the California Sea Lions have been my favorite. They seem to like to interact with us as much as we like to interact with them. Very playful and curious behavior. Almost every dive had good sea lion encounters. The dive locations we visited were also a highlight. The remoteness of the sites allowed for truly wild encounters with the local wildlife and the best thing was that we were the only ones there. The amount of fish and variety of fish species was also amazing! I now understand why they call the Sea of Cortez the aquarium of the world.

The Belle Amie is a beautiful liveaboard and perfect for what it is used for. The rooms are comfortable and the captain and crew are friendly and provide everything you need.

Thank you very much Nautilus team it has been epic and I look forward to coming back in the future!


By Nautilus Guests

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