Sea of Cortez: Beyond Expectations

This trip was spectacular. I came with my dad and had an amazing time. We were treated exceptionally well, and always very kind. Everything was super organized and beautiful. My Dive Master, Uriel, was a fantastic person and took great care of me every time we went diving. The captain was super funny and taught me many things I didn’t know. Dani was a great person and also very funny. Mari ensured I didn’t miss any dives due to a regulator malfunction and gladly provided me with one. Ros was very nice and always attentive to everything. Laura, a lovely person, took care of everything I needed. Bea was a wonderful and attentive person. Pascal was incredibly funny and a very kind person. The chef prepared delicious food, and the gallo pinto was delightful. Last but not least, Ozayuki, a very good person, just like everyone else, super helpful, and extremely polite. Thank you for making this trip unforgettable.

Amanda – Costa Rica

By Nautilus Guests

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