Whale Sharks and Sea Lions: A Journey of Wonders with Nautilus

My experience on the ultimate whale shark trip with Nautilus was most definitely one that will stand out of all my experiences so far. The day we spent snorkeling with the whale sharks was both a magical day and a humbling day. The way the beautiful gentle giants allowed us to be in their presence time and time again was amazing!! The local guides as well as the guides from Belle Amie made the day that much more perfect. The way they kept track of where the sharks were and how to get us in the right position to have the best experience was great!
The remaining days we either spent diving or cruising. All the dive sites were lovely as well and myself being a fan of large animal encounters, I really enjoyed the multiple encounters with the California Sea Lions on a majority of the dive sites. The sheer number of schooling fish was also very memorable. I often felt like a member of the school just being surrounded everywhere.
On the cruising days, we had the excitement of looking for large marine mammals, with the assistance of the spotter plane, and if we found something had the opportunity to jump in and snorkel.
All in all, it has been an amazing experience, with a great crew, great fellow divers and explorers, great dive sites, and amazing animal encounters. Thank you Nautilus Adventures!! I look forward to coming back in the future.

Melissa Blake

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