How Do You Tell the Difference Between a Galapagos and a Silky Shark?

Email us with the answer we are looking for, and you could win a $500 gift certificate on any Nautilus trip within Mexico. We are giving away 3 gift certificates.

HINT: We see a lot of sharks out at Socorro. Heck, these days we are even back to reliably seeing hammerhead sharks at Las Animas in the Sea of Cortez. Previously, we might have seen 3 or 4 tiger sharks over an entire season, but now we see them on virtually every trip. The diversity of sharks is astounding, from schooling scalloped hammerheads, solitary great hammerheads, dusky shark (that will be a question for another day, how do you tell the difference between a Galapagos and a dusky shark), white-tip reef sharks lying around like tired puppies, black-tip reef sharks out at Clarion Island, silver-tip sharks, whale sharks, Galapagos sharks, and silky sharks (which extraordinarily school by the dozens or even hundreds) in May, June and July. We love sharks. We love Socorro. And we love sharing what we have learned about these sharks over our decades of experience in the islands.

So… Silky and Galapagos sharks are similar in colour and similar in size. Their caudal fins and dorsal fins have some differences, but their behaviour, at least around Socorro where we are used to seeing them, is more or less the same. So, what’s different? The answer we are looking for is the relative placement of their pectoral and dorsal fins. It’s a real giveaway!!!

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