Ocean Spectacle: Encounters at Magdalena Bay

Today was our last day of excursion diving with Nautilus at Magdalena Bay, Mother Nature saved the best for last! We made multiple jumps from the boat into the open ocean not knowing what we’d find, and what we found at one point left me speechless. On the first dive, we found ourselves alone with a solitary school of curious Mahi. Little did we know it would just be the opening act. Our second jump found us again with a solitary school of Mahi but this school was triple the size, there must have been at least 80 adults all searching for Sardines. On our next jump, we were joined by three to five other boats, multiple divers, and a flock of Frigates above boiling water full of barking sea lions. Once below the surface, we were able to see Marlin, Sea Lions, and Mahi all in a coordinated fury feeding on Sardines! The carnage lasted for what seemed like an eternity and just as suddenly the animals quickly moved on leaving the divers alone and bobbing in the sea waiting to be scooped up by the local Panga Captains.

By far the best day of our trip, so glad we chose to go out just one last time. Mother Nature did not disappoint!


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