Socorro, Cocos and Sea of Cortez are super popular right now.

We have been marketing Socorro trips for over 40 years, starting with the old Baja Explorador from BEX. Socorro emerged as an amazing diving destination and really took off with our Nautilus Explorer, which combines safety, excellence in guest experience, and affordable pricing. Base trips cost around $3500 per person for an 8-night trip with spectacular big animal diving. It’s a really good value proposition for your clients and, and it’s worth noting that 80% of divers going to Socorro choose to book their trip with Nautilus.

Cocos Island of the sharks has been on our Wishlist for 30 years. We ran our first trips there in 2023, with 10-night trips priced at $4,995 and our guests absolutely loved it! We will be going back every summer with more trips and hope to be spending 6 months a year there by 2026. Ask about our combo trips into the rainforest…

The Sea of Cortez is perfectly described as “different seasons, different seas”. Peak diving season is traditionally September to November, we say BAHHHH to that! From January to March, the sea comes alive with magnificent whales, including giant blue whale mommas and their babies, as well as humpback moms and calves, and we offer a great diving combo with whale adventures. 

From March to July, you’ll witness mobula ray madness and our best chance of the year to interact in-water with orcas. Later in the season is an excellent time for solitary whale sharks. Our new ultimate whale shark adventures run from May to October, and aside from a lot of other great diving and adventure on these expeditions, we spend one day with loads of time in the water with whales sharks, usually without any other boats around.

Our 5-night summer and fall get-away trips, priced under $2000, flying in and out of Cabo, have become very popular as have our 7-night Loreto/La Paz great circle trips. All of our Sea of Cortez adventures are spotter airplane supported with our airborne eye in the sky working hand-in-hand with our captains and dive guides to get you the best possible animal encounters

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