Sea of Cortez Magical Location

Lesley and I hit the jackpot today at North Reef Las Animas with Pascal! We started the day with a nice dive on the Las Animas site with 3 Scalloped Hammerheads making close passes a few times. But the next dive was world-class! Viz wasn’t the greatest, but cleared up at around 100 ft. As we swam and the viz kept opening up, a wall of hammerheads came into view. Our group was patient and stopped kicking and started hovering to allow the experience to happen. Just a couple of breaths later the shadows in front of us became a 360-degree wall of sharks that we were in the middle of! What an experience! Whichever way you turned and looked, all you saw was sharks! We even had many close passes as sharks would swim head-on to us before turning calmly and rejoining the school. What a once in a lifetime experience at a magical location! Thank you Pascal & Nautilus Liveaboards.

Chris and Lesley

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