Mantastic Day at The Boiler!

The boiler today was on fire! At first, dive a small school of hammerheads patrolling the area behind a big school of eyes jack, we come back close to the reef and a pod of dolphins come to check on us this is just on the first dive, on the second one a tiger shark swim below us on a calm and gently way and then for sure the start of the show MANTAS!!! For all the rest of the dives and also for the next ones we spend the entire dives surrounded by mantas all the time, swimming between each other, and then come to the divers, slow down and make eye contact with us, stop above us use our bubble like a jacuzzi!!! And escorting us until the safety stop. Such an intelligent, sociable, and impressive animal. I can say it was a MANTASTIC DAY. All the divers back to the boat they are enthusiastic for the day and for the interaction you can have here in Socorro with Oceanic Manta. I feel so glad to have to opportunity to dive every day in this amazing peace of paradise.

Daniela – Dive Guide

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